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Santa’s been kidnapped by Ogres. Can you save him?

Game Update

Our party of 3 explored the ogre cave, only one elf survived to rescue Santa!

In our game here is how it worked out:

The party was awoken knocking on their door. When they opened it there was a scroll with a plea for anyone to help! The elf village, not far from the PCs, was under attack. They desperately needed help.

The PCs packed their gear and rushed to the village. Upon approaching the village, the saw thick black smoke rising from the trees and found the village in ruins. The large workshop in the center of the town had been burned to the ground. The PCs did a team search and found one elf that was not dead – yet.

The elf had just enough energy to tell the PCs that they had been attacked by Ogres and they had kidnapped their leader. He directed the PCs in the direction of the nearby mountain range and a cave.

They found the unused path at area 1. Then the dwarf found the hidden entrance into the sleeping quarters (area 5). They broke open the vent cover that blocked the tunnel, and woke 3 ogres. The wizard successfully put them back to sleep.

They snuck into the Ogre Mage’s study just as he cast a light spell that turned the ceilings in the whole cave complex into twinkling lights. With a lucky roll, the thief back stabbed him and ended his life.

In area 3, they found 2 ogres decorating a large Christmas tree. They killed them.

In the kitchen (area 4) were 3 goblins cooking a Christmas feast – they were not hostile, but they were allowed to alert the goblin boss, Craig Christ (wink wink) who rushed out with two ogres and 4 total goblins. Craig killed the Dwarf Fighter. The wizard killed the goblins with a single magic missile attack using a wand recovered from the Ogre Mage.

After killing them, a song was required to unlock a large chest of gold, Jingle Bells in chorus worked like a charm.

The trap between area 8 and 9 claimed the life of our elf wizard as she was squashed like a grape.

The final elf thief, Harley Jade, was able to survive the traps and rescue Santa. She then used all of the treasure that she found to resurrect the other dead players.

90 minutes of christmas fun. Found the Cresthaven RPG system fast and fun for our group of adventurers!


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