Turning Undead is a powerful ability that harnesses divine energy to affect nearby undead creatures. You can use it to either drive them away in fear or, for the strong of faith, utterly destroy them.

How does it work?

Imagine a radiant aura spreading out from you within a 30-foot radius. All undead creatures within this area are affected.

You call upon your deity’s power, making a Wisdom check against a difficulty based on the undead’s strength. You do this for each undead creature in range. Think of it as a duel of wills using your faith!

Difficulty: The difficulty number is 10 + the undead creature’s hit dice. The tougher the undead, the harder it is to overpower them.


Destroyed (Wisdom check exceeds difficulty by 5 or more): Boom! The undead explode in holy light, utterly obliterated.

Turned (Wisdom check succeeds): The undead are overcome with fear and flee from you in the fastest way possible. They won’t attack you or approach within 30 feet, cowering if escape is impossible.

Bound by Orders (Wisdom check succeeds): If the undead is controlled by someone else (like a necromancer), they simply retreat out of your way, allowing you and your companions to pass or act freely.

Free-willed (Wisdom check succeeds): These independent undead still flee your presence, but not as desperately. They keep their distance (at least 10 feet) as long as you maintain your focus (no further checks needed).


  • Turning Undead requires an action on your turn.
  • You can only affect creatures within a 30-foot radius.
  • The effect lasts for 1 minute or until the undead take any damage.
  • This ability is primarily used by clerics and paladins, channeling their deities’ power.

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