Hello, intrepid adventurers of Cresthaven!

Embarking on an adventure can sometimes leave you with more questions than answers. Whether you’re a seasoned campaigner wanting to delve deep into rules or a fresh-faced squire eager to learn the ropes, we know the challenge of navigating through myriad character sheets, rulebooks, and equipment lists.

Enter the magical solution: Cresthaven’s Sage Chatbot!

What’s This Chatbot, You Ask?

Our chatbot, represented by a whimsical wizard icon, is a digital helper designed to assist you on your Cresthaven adventures. Think of it as having a knowledgeable sage in your pocket, ever-ready to enlighten you with the wisdom of the ages (or at least the wisdom of Cresthaven’s game mechanics).

How Does It Help?

The chatbot is your go-to source for all things Cresthaven:

  • Rules & Mechanics: Confused about a rule? Not sure how a certain game mechanic works? Just ask!
  • Equipment Details: From the simplest dagger to the costs at an inn, get detailed insights about any equipment in the game.

How to Summon this Magical Assistant?

Harnessing the chatbot’s wisdom is as easy as a flick of a wand:

  1. Locate the Wizard: Whether you’re on mobile or desktop, simply look for the enchanting wizard icon on the lower right side of your screen.
  2. Click to Awaken: Tap or click on the icon, and the chatbot will spring to life, eager to assist.
  3. Ask Away: Type in your question or query, and let the chatbot guide you through the annals of Cresthaven lore.

Why We Created the Chatbot:

We understand that immersing yourself in the world of Cresthaven means navigating a vast sea of knowledge. To ensure that each of our players has the smoothest journey possible, we introduced the chatbot. It’s our way of making sure you spend more time adventuring and less time flipping through rulebooks.

Happy adventuring, and may your quests always be filled with epic moments and thrilling tales!

Keep adventuring!


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