Neither of these should be a big shock, but I am implementing two new items in the DM’s toolkit. The rest of the docs will be updated shortly as will the character sheet. – A


This number is for every character. It is set default to the Character’s Wisdom (with the Ability Focus if focused in Wisdom) plus 10.

ex: Brother Eisenhorne is a 3rd level cleric with a +3 in Wisdom. His Notice would be set to: 15 (wisdom + focus +10)

Notice is used when you’re not actively searching for something. It’s basically a measure of how situationally aware you are. The players don’t use their Notice, the DM does. The DM will use this number as the DC for any checks which the character is not specifically looking for. This includes: hearing noises, seeing hiding monsters, as a DC for surprise, spotting hidden doors or noticing something that would normally miss. Players can still actively search as normal which may result in better scores.


Each session to which player attends earns them 1 heroic point that remains with the character. Extra heroics can be awarded by the DM for the playing doing something special or innovative in the game. I’ve been know to award these for a great plan, being in character, and even for an awesome battle result. Note Heroic Points can be used for ANY role for ANY player (even the DM). Think of it as the way the players can DM can adjust the story.

The players can then choose to trade there Heroics for the following:

  • Plan Ahead. Before rolling, add advantage.
  • Redo! After any dice roll, force a reroll and keep the new roll result
  • Attack Again! An additional action in a combat round
  • Healing Surge! Spend one Heroic Point and roll your hit dice and heal yourself that amount.

Player’s characters should use these points at times of drama (or whenever they want), but we’ve found that they add a great BOOM just at the right moment. Something like that critical attack that slays the dragon or talking their way out of trouble with the city guard.


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