Dragonborn ancestry

Dragonborn stand taller than most humanoids, their muscular frames covered in thick, colorful scales reminiscent of their draconic forebears. Their hands and feet end in taloned claws, and their faces possess a blunt snout and crest that varies based on their ancestral dragon type. This dragon heritage also influences their breath weapon and damage resistance.

Gold dragonborn reflect the noble metallic dragons aligned with fire. Their brass scales and golden crest match their righteous temperament. Their breath manifests as a burning cone of fire, and their scales resist heat and flames.

Silver dragonborn share the cold-weather affinity of their namesake dragons. Their scales gleam like polished silver, with light blue highlights on their wing-like arms, crest, and horns. Their icy breath weapon freezes foes solid, and silver scales shrug off extreme cold.

Copper dragonborn spring from capricious copper progenitors aligned with acid and venom. Their ruddy brown or green scaled hide seems to verdantly oxidize as if patinated. Their toxic breath transforms into noxious fumes, while copper scales prove resistant to acidic corrosion.

Though their appearance and breath weapons differ, all dragonborn share in common great pride, honor, and ambition – the draconic legacy that flows within their blood and informs their worldview as enlightened yet provincial people destined for greatness among the inferior humanoid races.

Ability Score Caps: Dragonborn cannot exceed +3 in any ability except for Strength where they can have up to a +4  and Dexterity where they cannot exceed 0.

Ability Score Max: Dragonborn have a max total combined ability total of 5

Size: 6 – 7 foot tall, 200 – 250 lbs

Speed: 100 feet

Languages: Common and Draconic

Special Racial Abilities:

Dragon Heritage

Breath Weapon: breath attack based on the type of dragon heritage. All breath weapon attacks have a range of 15 feet and can be used once daily for 2d8 damage. Breath attacks roll to hit like normal. The hit roll can be used as a DC Con Save for 1/2 damage.

Types of Dragon Heritage:

Gold – Fire
Silver – Cold
Copper – Acid

Special Resistance: In addition the dragonborn gains resistance and takes 1/2 damage from the same types of attacks.

Draconic Claws: The dragonborn has claws that act as 2 primary natural weapons. They cause 1d6 points of damage + the dragonborn’s Strength modifier.

Darkvision: 30 foot

Class Restrictions: Dragonborn may only choose from Cavalier, Barbarian, Cleric or Wizard.

Monstrous Appearance: Dragonborn are often mistakenly seen by humans, dwarves and faun as hostile enemies. When dealing with those races dragonborn have a -5 penalty to all negotiation rolls.


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