First off – thank you to all of the new players of Cresthaven RPG! Lots of new people coming from all over the internet. Here is this year’s recap:

1. New Rules

2019 Saw the addition and solidification of Encumbrance, Movement, and Time. This is to enhance the exploration and non-combat parts of the game.

2. New Spells

2019 has the web site spell lists overhauled to add Wizard spells up to 9th level and to add Druid spells.

3. New Help

The Playing the Game and Dungeon Mastering sections had major updated to hopefully make it easier for new players and new DMs to get into the game. The adventure Goblin Raiders makes learning easier by walking through the rules as you play.

4. New Supplements

The Dungeon Journal Pages and Time Tracking Worksheet were added to the site. Hopefully they enhance everyone’s game time.

5. New Monsters

The monster list layout and diversity has been updated. There are around 80 monsters now. Including monsters by location or monsters by type

2019 Stats

Visitors: 56,538 (best year yet)
Page Views: 142,875

Top Class: Ranger
Top Race: Elf

What do you want to see in 2020? Post a comment!


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