The manor house of Lord Bakkus IV is a sturdy and imposing structure, built to withstand the harsh conditions of the wilderness and defend against potential invaders. The house is set on a slight rise overlooking the village, surrounded by a high stone wall and a deep moat that is filled with water from the nearby river. The manor itself is a three-story stone building, with thick walls and narrow windows that can be barred in case of attack. The roof is tiled with slate and sloped steeply to prevent the accumulation of snow and ice.

The entrance to the manor is a heavy oak door reinforced with iron, and guarded at all times by two well-armed sentries.

Inside, the manor is elegantly furnished with rich tapestries, ornate furnishings, and valuable artworks.

Lord Bakkus’s study is particularly impressive, with a large oak desk, a well-stocked bookshelf, and a huge stone fireplace.

The manor also boasts several defensive features, including a secret escape tunnel that leads from the basement to the river, hidden traps that can be triggered to slow down intruders, and a secure armory with a wide array of weapons and armor.

All these features serve to make Lord Bakkus’s manor a formidable stronghold, ensuring that he can protect his people and maintain his authority in Cresthaven.


  1. Lord Bakkus IV is a ruthless and cunning leader, known to stop at nothing to protect his interests and maintain his power over the people of Cresthaven.
  2. Some say that Lord Bakkus IV has made secret deals with the bandits and brigands that roam the wilderness, allowing them to operate freely in exchange for a cut of their profits.
  3. Others claim that Lord Bakkus IV is a devout follower of a mysterious and powerful cult, and that he is secretly plotting to use his position to advance their agenda.
  4. There are whispers that Lord Bakkus IV is cursed, and that his family’s lineage is steeped in dark magic and sorcery.
  5. Some of the more superstitious villagers believe that Lord Bakkus IV is actually a shape-shifter, able to transform into a terrifying beast and hunt his prey under the cover of night.

Lord Bakkus IV

Lord Bakkus IV is the ruler of Cresthaven, a shrewd and pragmatic nobleman who has held power in the village for many years. He is a tall man with sharp features and piercing eyes, and he always dresses in finery befitting his station. His hair is long and black, kept neatly trimmed and combed, and he sports a neatly trimmed goatee.

Lord Bakkus is a stern but fair ruler, always looking out for the best interests of his people. He is well-educated and well-spoken, with a gift for diplomacy and negotiation. He has a keen mind for strategy and is always thinking several moves ahead, never letting his guard down.

However, he is not without his faults, and some villagers whisper that he is too quick to compromise and too willing to make deals with outsiders. Lord Bakkus commands respect and admiration from his people, who trust him to lead them through the dangers of the wilderness and protect them from harm.

Lord Bakkus IV, Human Cavalier (Level 6)
Str +2, Dex +1, Con +1, Int +2, Wis 0, Cha +2
AC 18 HP 68


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