Hangman’s Nobb in Cresthaven is a place of public executions, with a tall wooden platform standing at the center. The platform is supported by thick wooden pillars and is surrounded by a small wooden fence. At the top of the platform, a thick noose hangs from the rafters, ready for the next prisoner. The ground below is beaten down and covered in sawdust, a testament to the many lives that have been ended there.

Onlookers gather around the platform, some to witness the justice being served, while others come to satisfy their morbid curiosity. The atmosphere is tense and somber, with an eerie stillness that seems to grip the air. Even during the day, the site feels oppressive and heavy with the weight of the past. It is a place where the condemned meet their fate, and the living come face to face with the consequences of their actions.

At the edge of Hangman’s Nobb stands an old tree, gnarled and twisted from years of weathering. Its branches are bare, with not a single leaf in sight, but it provides a stark contrast to the grim atmosphere of the execution site. Bodies of the executed are often displayed from the tree’s thick branches, a macabre reminder of the harsh justice of the village. The tree itself is said to be ancient, and some believe that it was once used as a gallows in times long past. Its bark is rough and cracked, with deep grooves running down its trunk like scars. The sight of the bodies swinging in the breeze, their lifeless forms illuminated by the harsh sun, is a chilling sight to behold; a symbol of the village’s strict adherence to the law, and a stark reminder of the consequences of breaking it.


  1. Some say that the ghosts of the executed still haunt the area, with their moans and wails echoing through the night.
  2. Others believe that the hangman’s noose has a cursed history, and that anyone who touches it will be plagued with misfortune.
  3. Some claim that the platform itself was built on an ancient burial ground, and that the spirits of the dead rise up to exact revenge on the living.
  4. There are also whispers that a secret society meets at the site under the cover of night, with nefarious intentions.

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