Cresthaven's Curios: Unleashing Magical Might with Candles, Dusts, Stones & More!

Cresthaven just got a lot more magical. We’re thrilled to unveil a new line of wondrous magic items to enhance your adventures:

  • Candles: Need a quick elemental ally or a healing aura? Light the way with enchanted candles!
  • Dusts: Vanish from sight, speak with beasts, or strike fear with a sprinkle of magical dust.
  • Incense: Breathe easy and heal faster with restorative incense, or unlock the truth with a dose of honesty-enhancing smoke.
  • Stones: Channel the elements, speak any tongue, or teleport to familiar lands with the power of enchanted stones.
  • Ointments: Grant yourself swiftness, breathe underwater, or resist searing flames with a touch of magical ointment.

Dungeon Masters check out the full list here!

Thoughts? Feedback?

What do you think? Are there items we should add? Have you used magic items like these before? How’d it work out? Post a comment below!!!


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