Draft Class: Shaman

The Shaman class bridges the gap between the physical and spiritual, offering not just poultices and herbs, but guidance and communion with the very fabric of reality. Whether facing a stubborn illness or seeking insights on a perilous path, a shaman's intuition and connection to the unknown can be the difference between success and failure.


Draft Class: Knight

Do you yearn to be a beacon of courage and justice? Knights are charismatic warriors who lead from the front, wielding sword and word with equal skill. Inspire your allies with stirring speeches, defend the innocent with unwavering resolve, and claim your noble destiny as a champion of the realm. Choose the Knight class and become a legend!



The Paladin class is a combination of a fighter and a cleric. They are champions of good, imbued with divine power to smite evil and heal their allies with the power of lay on hands. Paladins also possess the ability to detect evil, resist disease and poison with divine health, and radiate a powerful aura of goodness. They are fearsome warriors on the battlefield, and their unwavering devotion to justice and righteousness make them invaluable allies in the fight against evil.



From a young age Gnomes learn to rely on their tinkering skills to make their way in the world. Many forgo walking or using their bodies all together. By the time they reach adulthood many are physically unable to do even the simplest tasks. This is not to say they are disabled, but rather they…

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New Character Sheet

Just messing around with a new layout for the character sheet. Click the image to download the PDF for printing! Go play the free Learn as You Play Goblin Raiders with a friend to learn the Easiest version the classic Fantasy RPG ever!

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Druid Update

It's come to my attention that the Druid class was incomplete. I've made the following changes: Druids gain a language: Sylvan, the language of woodland creatures. /creating-characters/classes/druid/ Druid Spell changes: Druid’s mana is their level plus their Wisdom bonus (include ability focus). Druids draw their power from the very fabric of life itself. Druids call this…


Character Skills

In newer versions of D&D and Pathfinder they each have a skill list. Contrary to popular belief this is not a new idea. Skills go all the way back to the original D&D in the form of Thief skills. I propose that skills are integrated into Simple DnD in a more uniform manner. Skill based…


Class: Monk

Monks are people who have dedicated their lives to serving the universe. They follow a strict oath of self improvement, seclusion and austerity. A monk must be true to their oath and strive to repay all debts.  They live in monasteries with like minded individuals and adventure to gain spiritual growth and to expand the…



Draft class under development. Druids share a belief in the fundamentally spiritual nature of life and avoid choosing any one conception of Deity, believing that by its very nature this is unknowable by the mind. All Druids sense Nature as divine or sacred. Every part of nature is sensed as part of the great web of life, with…