A Guide for Young Adventurers!

Welcome, Young Adventurers! In this special section, we've got something awesome just for our special Young Adventurers. Imagine you're stepping into a magical world, one where you become a legendary hero, explore mysterious places, and face all sorts of amazing challenges. Well, you're in luck because that's exactly what Cresthaven RPG is all about! In…


Updates to Movement Rules and Introduction of the “Exhausted” Condition

Greetings, brave adventurers of Cresthaven! Today, we bring you exciting news about some recent developments in our ever-evolving role-playing game. We've listened to your feedback and worked diligently to improve the gameplay experience, making Cresthaven RPG even more immersive and engaging. In this blog post, we'll delve into the changes to our movement rules and…


A Comprehensive Role-Playing Game Encounter Guide

Welcome to the enigmatic world of Cresthaven, where a mere spark of magic and the clash of steel is merely the beginning. In this realm, encounters with monstrous beings don't always escalate to combat; indeed, our RPG Encounter Design is crafted to offer a tapestry of outcomes, inviting players to a realm where choices abound…

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Meet Cresthaven’s Magical Assistant: The Sage Chatbot!

Introducing Cresthaven's Chatbot, the digital sage for all your gaming queries! Represented by a whimsical wizard icon, this handy assistant is here to decode rules, demystify characters, and detail equipment. Click the wizard on your screen's lower right, and let our chatbot guide your Cresthaven journey. Dive deeper, play smarter, and keep adventuring effortlessly!


S6 RPG System

Join the adventure and experience the excitement of the S6 RPG! With detailed stats, diverse character classes, and action-packed gameplay, this game is perfect for any tabletop enthusiast. Download the rules now and immerse yourself in an epic adventure full of danger, intrigue, and limitless possibilities. Don't wait, start playing S6 today!



Harnessing the power of the mind, psionics allow characters to explore incredible abilities beyond the physical realm. Whether projecting their consciousness or manipulating the environment, psionics offer a thrilling and dynamic addition to any fantasy role-playing game. Unlock your character's true potential and delve into a world of limitless possibility with the power of psionics.


Rule: Weapon Proficiencies

I was reading some really OSR and the concept of Weapon Proficiencies came up. I think this is actually a great limited to add along with the new encumbrance and time limits. Like all rules in Cresthaven RPG this is an optional rule, but one I cannot recommend enough. The Rule If you ARE NOT…


Time Tracking Worksheet

In Cresthaven RPG, we have a special way to keep track of time in the game. It's called the Time Tracking Worksheet. It helps us know how much time has passed in the game. Each box on the worksheet represents one turn, and it has all the rounds and notes in it. Each row on…


Goblin Raiders

Adventure for Cresthaven RPG Map by Daniel F. Walthall @Axebane Introduction This adventure is designed to teach dungeon exploration to a new group of players. While the story is cliche, it is a good starting point to introduce low level monsters and situations and really the adventure starts at the cellar doors.  This adventure is…