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Sentient Magic Items

Tired of boring loot? Spice up your RPG with sentient magic items! Imagine a bragging belt that boasts of your victories (or invents them!), or a weeping axe that chills you with its mournful wails. We explore 10 wacky examples and how to use them in your game to create unpredictable challenges and hilarious moments. Level up your storytelling! Click here for sentient magic that breathes life into your campaign!



Crafting allows characters to create non-magical and, at higher levels, magical items. This section details the process for crafting both mundane and magical objects, as well as the costs associated with hiring an artisan to craft them for you.


Technology as Magic

I've been brainstorming some ideas for new magic items and I'm really loving the idea that tech is magic. Not today's technology, but maybe technology that is 10-50 years into the future. Obviously this brings the whole setting into question (what happened that everything is wilderness now? where did these's other species come from?) Things…