One of the things that I often find odd in playing Basic D&D is why there has to be additional stats for Saving Throws, limited scenario saving throws at that. What does it add to the gameplay experience overall? I propose that saving throws add little to the game overall and that ability scores can cover nearly all of the same ground within the game.

For example:

A saving throw is a roll of dice used to determine whether magic, poison, or various other types of attacks are effective against a character or monster. d20 roll then add your ability bonus – if the result is equal or greater the save is successful.

Sample Saves:

Poison ingested or injected – use Wisdom Bonus

Magic and Spells – use Intelligence Bonus

Death in the event you are reduced to 0 hit points – use Constitution Bonus

Paralysis turn to stone – use Strength Bonus

Gas breathed in toxins (i.e.: Dragon’s Breath) – use Wisdom Bonus

What do you think? Is another mechanic necessary to get the D&D experience by adding separate saves? Post a comment and let me know.


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