Next year is going to be a key year for the Cresthaven RPG project. As some of you may know, I’ve been swamped with work and the Lovecraft Fate Project. I’m nearly completed with that project, then I can focus my time on Cresthaven RPG.

The plan for next year includes:

  1. Updated rules, taking all of the ideas and the rules summary and combining them into an easy to follow starter book.
  2. Artwork! I’ll be creating and commissioning artwork for the print project.
  3. Refreshing the magic spells. This includes a new Druid class and a Bard class.
  4. New starter adventure. I love the starter adventure from 1983, but I want to make my own. Something that combines the rules and a dungeon in a tutorial for Cresthaven RPG specifically.
  5. Expanded details on the area around Cresthaven and a new area for higher level characters, Deep Wood. The urban areas of Ridgecrest and Candlecrest.
  6. Adventure Modules. I have some ideas and some starts for adventures. A new story arch will be announced early next year.
  7. Online tools for spell reference, encounter generation and DM-less game play.

Thank you to everyone who supports this project!


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