Draft Class: Shaman

The Shaman class bridges the gap between the physical and spiritual, offering not just poultices and herbs, but guidance and communion with the very fabric of reality. Whether facing a stubborn illness or seeking insights on a perilous path, a shaman's intuition and connection to the unknown can be the difference between success and failure.



Characters must manage ongoing costs for their lifestyle and followers, deducted from wealth between adventures.



Strongholds provide adventurers with a safe haven, strategic advantage, and income generation, but require careful management of size, location, and features that affect upkeep costs. Resource management through production and trade generates income to maintain strongholds, which also face random events during downtime. The GM adjusts rules for campaign specificity, encouraging creative stronghold development.


Why Aren’t There Evil Monster Ancestries in CresthavenRPG? (And Why You Might Allow Them Anyway)

In crafting CresthavenRPG, I filled its world with a diverse array of inhabitants, including humans, elves, dwarves, and other fantastical races. However, one noticeable absence was the lack of monstrous options like goblins, orcs, or demons. This led me to ponder: why weren't evil monster ancestries a fundamental aspect of CresthavenRPG? From the outset, I…



The Paladin class is a combination of a fighter and a cleric. They are champions of good, imbued with divine power to smite evil and heal their allies with the power of lay on hands. Paladins also possess the ability to detect evil, resist disease and poison with divine health, and radiate a powerful aura of goodness. They are fearsome warriors on the battlefield, and their unwavering devotion to justice and righteousness make them invaluable allies in the fight against evil.


New Character Sheet

Just messing around with a new layout for the character sheet. Click the image to download the PDF for printing! Go play the free Learn as You Play Goblin Raiders with a friend to learn the Easiest version the classic Fantasy RPG ever!

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Higher Level Classes?

As our characters have advanced in levels they have all become more powerful (through magic items, spells and riches), but I feel that more could be done. I propose at 7th level characters can choose to "multi-class" and change their character class to one of the following: Knight (Cavalier / Grifter) Paladin (Cavalier / Cleric)…