Strongholds provide adventurers with a safe haven, strategic advantage, and income generation, but require careful management of size, location, and features that affect upkeep costs. Resource management through production and trade generates income to maintain strongholds, which also face random events during downtime. The GM adjusts rules for campaign specificity, encouraging creative stronghold development.


10 Best D&D blogs to follow in 2016

Here are my top 10 best D&D blogs that I follow. They have guides, stories, maps, resources, adventures and so much more. There is so much useful content for both Dungeon Masters and Players on the web it is just crazy. So if you're a DM or a PC and you play Dungeons & Dragons,…


Reducing the Risk of Total Party Kill

The party of brave low level adventurers are exploring a dungeon, the problem is the dungeon is stocked organically and there is nothing to ensure that the encounters are at a level that the party can handle. Maybe they'll run into some first level goblin fodder, or maybe they'll stumble on a pack of gnolls…


Race: Orkismir

Proposed by: Spencer Foust Race: Ork (Humanoid) Brief Desc.: The Orkismir (known simply as “Orks”) are a tribal race that live in secluded sects throughout the land. Though they are often viewed as monsters by adventurers, not all Orks are evil or chaotic in nature. Orks are tempermental creatures, and are often neither charismatic nor intelligent–…