Rules Updates and Clarifications

Added to the Combat and Playing the Game sections, these optional rules include using obstacles for cover, light conditions affecting gameplay, and detailed terrain interactions, all aimed at enriching combat with strategic environmental consideration.

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Two New Options: Notice and Heroics

Neither of these should be a big shock, but I am implementing two new items in the DM's toolkit. The rest of the docs will be updated shortly as will the character sheet. - A Notice This number is for every character. It is set default to the Character's Wisdom (with the Ability Focus if…


Turning Undead

Turning Undead is a powerful ability that harnesses divine energy to affect nearby undead creatures. You can use it to either drive them away in fear or, for the strong of faith, utterly destroy them. How does it work? Imagine a radiant aura spreading out from you within a 30-foot radius. All undead creatures within this area are affected.…