Encounter: Jungle Whispers

"Jungle Whispers" is an encounter designed for four characters of level 2. It presents a challenging mix of combat, environmental hazards, and potential for role-playing, suitable for a party ready to tackle their first foray into the depths of a treacherous and rain-soaked jungle. Read to players: As the ceaseless rain of the jungle intensifies,…


Giant Spiders of Cresthaven

Deep within the dark caverns of outside the Village of Cresthaven, brave adventurers awaken entangled in the sticky embrace of giant spiderwebs. With time running out and the threat of monstrous arachnids looming, they must navigate the pitch-black labyrinth, battling for their very survival.


King’s Fell

King's Fell, the colossal gothic airship, loomed above, an enigmatic presence in the sky. Its ancient hull, a mix of ruin and fortress, held the secrets of a forgotten era. The eerie glow of arcane energy emanated from ornate spires, casting long shadows across the land. A kingdom in the sky, ruled by the enigmatic "King of the Sky", inspiring awe and fear in equal measure.


Manor Bakkus

Lord Bakkus IV is the ruler of Cresthaven, a shrewd and pragmatic nobleman who has held power in the village for many years.


Mitchell and Son

The general supply house is a one-stop-shop for all manner of goods and equipment that one might need to survive and thrive in the post-apocalyptic world. The store is run by a shrewd and resourceful merchant named Mitchell and his son.


The Slaughtered Lamb Public House

The Lamb, a shady bar in Cresthaven, is a hotbed of illicit activity. It's located at the end of Main Street, on the western edge of town. The building itself is a shabby one-room structure, with a bar running along the far wall. Large casks filled with the town's alcohol supply are stacked against the…


Adventurer’s Guild

The Adventurer's Guild is a place of wonder and opportunity for those brave enough to seek it out. Located at the end of Main Street in the Village of Cresthaven, the small, run-down building with a sign above the door may seem unremarkable to some, but for those in the know, it is the gateway…