• Tips for Crafting an Engaging Encounter for Your Players
    Creating memorable and engaging encounters is a vital skill for any Dungeon Master (DM). A well-designed encounter can enhance the story, challenge the players, and provide a rewarding experience. Here’s a step-by-step guide to creating an engaging encounter that will captivate your players.
  • Varnek the Craven Necromancer – BBEG / NPC
    Varnek is a cunning necromancer who poses a significant threat to the adventurers, utilizing both his dark powers and psychological manipulation to challenge them at every turn. The provided tactics and interactions offer a roadmap for bringing Varnek to life in your campaign, presenting opportunities for engaging encounters and memorable role-playing moments.
  • Cyclopean Confrontation: A Snake in the Grass Encounter
    As a Dungeon Master, this encounter offers a unique opportunity to craft a memorable experience. The nuanced challenge tests players’ creative problem-solving, diplomacy, and strategic thinking. Complex motivations and enigmatic presence add depth, allowing exploration of themes like reputation, trust, and power. This encounter showcases world-building skills, weaving the cyclops and snakes into the swamp’s ecosystem and history.
  • Railroading Players: Striking a Balance Between Story and Agency
    Struggling to strike a balance between a cohesive story and player agency? This article explores the concept of railroading players, offering solutions and tips for creating a compelling narrative while still giving your players meaningful choices. Learn how to use foreshadowing, prepare for detours, and embrace the unexpected to craft an engaging campaign that feels dynamic and exciting.
  • The Party Has Been Defeated, Now What?
    This article explores how a TPK (Total Party Kill) can be a dramatic turning point, not the end. It offers creative solutions for DMs, like turning the party’s defeat into legend or giving players a chance to influence the story even after death. Learn how to handle a TPK, consequences for players, player agency in defeat, and more!
  • Sentient Magic Items
    Tired of boring loot? Spice up your RPG with sentient magic items! Imagine a bragging belt that boasts of your victories (or invents them!), or a weeping axe that chills you with its mournful wails. We explore 10 wacky examples and how to use them in your game to create unpredictable challenges and hilarious moments. Level up your storytelling! Click here for sentient magic that breathes life into your campaign!
  • Give Your Monsters Personality: A Guide for Dungeon Masters
    This article offers a treasure trove of tips and a quirk table (1d100!) to breathe life into your creatures. From boastful dragons to lute-playing ogres, watch your encounters go from stale to spectacular, leaving players with memories that last long after the dice are packed away. So, unleash your inner Dungeon Master genius and create monsters they’ll never forget!
  • History of Cresthaven: A Deep Dive into the Lore
    Cresthaven RPG isn’t your typical fantasy realm. It’s Earth, a thousand years after a cataclysm triggered by humanity’s own technology – forgotten tech that appears supernatural. Elves, descendants of a privileged elite, their motives shrouded. What was that blinding light streaking across the sky? Who built all these ruins?? Are those constellations just stars, or something more sinister? This is just the tip of the iceberg.
  • The Psychology of Keeping Your Players Coming Back For More!
    Every Dungeon Master dreams of fostering a campaign that ignites player passion and transcends a single session. However, maintaining long-term engagement can be a challenge. Here, we delve into five psychological principles, rooted in player behavior, to supercharge your campaign and keep your players hooked for years to come.
  • Breathing Life into Your Dungeons
    Is your meticulously crafted map feeling a bit… lifeless? This blog post injects a spark of life into your campaign! Learn how to make your dungeons dynamic, with shifting environments, monster interactions, and even the threat of time itself. Click here to breathe life into your dungeons today!
  • Integrating Dinosaurs into Your Campaign
    Unleash the prehistoric power of dinosaurs in your campaign! This guide explores how to integrate these awe-inspiring creatures, from terrifying foes to loyal mounts. Discover encounter design tips, tameable options, and even how dinosaurs can enrich your world’s ecology. Get ready to ignite your players’ imaginations with a stampede of dino-sized fun!
  • Wandering Monsters Level Up Your Dungeon Game
    Do you strive to create immersive dungeons that keep your players engaged and challenged? Incorporating wandering monsters is a powerful technique often overlooked by Dungeon Masters. This post explores the strategic benefits of these encounters, demonstrating how they elevate tension, promote resource management, and foster a sense of a living dungeon ecology.
  • Creative Uses for LEGO® in Tabletop RPGs
    Unleash creativity and ignite imaginations with LEGO® bricks! This article dives into how LEGO® bricks can transform your TTRPG sessions, fostering deeper engagement, problem-solving skills, and collaborative storytelling. Learn how to build intricate dungeons, vibrant landscapes, and bring your Cresthaven adventures to life in a whole new way!
  • Factions and Guilds in Cresthaven
    Explore the intricate web of Cresthaven’s factions. From the devout Guardians of Light to the enigmatic Shadow Guild, each group offers a wealth of potential allies, rivals, and deadly foes. Navigate the political complexities, forge strategic alliances, or clash with powerful adversaries – the choice is yours.
  • A Guide to Utilizing Slimes, Puddings, and Molds in Encounters
    Looking for adding more to your dungeons? Learn to unleash their gooey potential! This guide reveals how to design terrifying encounters with puddings, slimes & molds, turning your dungeon crawls into a delightfully slimy nightmare for players!
  • Unleashing Magical Might with Candles, Dusts, Stones & More!
    This guide unveils a trove of new magical items! Discover dusts for subtle manipulation, invigorating ointments, and potent candles for instant buffs. Craft a more strategic and surprising approach to your adventures – embrace the magic and conquer Cresthaven’s obstacles with newfound power!
  • Draft Class: Shaman
    The Shaman class bridges the gap between the physical and spiritual, offering not just poultices and herbs, but guidance and communion with the very fabric of reality. Whether facing a stubborn illness or seeking insights on a perilous path, a shaman’s intuition and connection to the unknown can be the difference between success and failure.
  • Draft Class: Knight
    Do you yearn to be a beacon of courage and justice? Knights are charismatic warriors who lead from the front, wielding sword and word with equal skill. Inspire your allies with stirring speeches, defend the innocent with unwavering resolve, and claim your noble destiny as a champion of the realm. Choose the Knight class and become a legend!
  • How it’s Made: Dragonhide Armor
    Crafting dragonhide armor is a perilous process. After slaying a powerful dragon, tanners neutralize the elemental energies lingering in the hide. Skilled artisans then shape and attach the scales to a leather or metal base. Enchanters can further enhance the armor’s properties. The finished product offers not only protection but also resistance to the slain dragon’s element, be it fire, acid, lightning, cold, or poison.
  • Updates to Resting, Death, and Healing Mechanics
    Confused about resting rules or how to help a dying friend in Cresthaven RPG? This update clarifies Long Rest requirements, resource management, death saving throws, and stabilization with Heal Wound spells. Learn how to avoid permanent character death and keep your party adventuring!
  • Cloverspring Swamp: A Black Dragon Encounter
    This encounter is well-suited for a party of 4-6 adventurers of 5th level or higher who are comfortable with a challenging fight. The young black dragon, Tenebris, offers a cunning and sadistic foe that can be particularly effective in a swamp environment.
  • 10 Lighthearted Quest Ideas
    Looking for ways to add whimsy and wonder to your role-playing games? Look no further! This article brings together 10 lighthearted quests that are perfect for younger players or those seeking a lighter tone. With its charming setting, delightful challenges, and call to action, this article is a must-read for any Dungeon Master looking to spice up their game.
  • The Artist’s Gateway: A Puzzle Encounter
    This enigmatic archway challenges players with a vibrant display of color and a cryptic riddle. This encounter is perfect for integrating artistic themes and rewarding creative thinking. Difficulty: Medium.
  • The Guardian’s Burden: A Puzzle Encounter
    This pressure plate and weight distribution puzzle hides a secret passage within your crypt. Players must decipher thematic clues and match symbolic objects to specific locations. It requires logic, teamwork, and potentially a touch of historical knowledge to unlock. Difficulty: Medium-Complex. DMs ONLY!
  • Fangs and Fury on the Savannah
    Face a territorial troop of baboons on the scorching savanna in this exciting encounter! Perfect for Dungeon Masters (DMs) seeking to challenge players with a tense social situation. This encounter will test the party’s social skills, combat prowess, and ability to adapt to a potentially explosive situation. Will they appease the troop, fight their way through, or find a clever way to sneak past unnoticed?
  • Your Voice Matters: Help Shape the Future of Cresthaven RPG!
    We here at the Cresthaven RPG team are constantly striving to create the best possible roleplaying experience for you. But we can’t do it without your invaluable feedback. Your input will be instrumental in shaping the future of the game, from the types of content we create to the way we deliver it.
  • A Feast for the Colony
    Encounter a relentless swarm of giant ants in this thrilling cave adventure. Perfect for a DM looking to challenge players with an overwhelming enemy force. This encounter will test the party’s combat skills, resourcefulness, and ability to adapt to a seemingly impossible situation. Will they fight their way through the endless horde or find a way to escape the tunnel before they are overrun?
  • Kobold Cult Collusion
    Encounter a fanatical Kobold Cult in the catacombs! Can you defeat their leader Korvus Blackwood and his priestess Sister Seline while they command an army of skeletal warriors? This exciting encounter is designed for adventurers of level 3-4 and offers a challenging tactical battle against cunning enemies. Will you prevail and uncover the secrets of the cult, or succumb to their dark magic?
  • Character Alignments: Why They Are Excluded
    Forget rigid alignments. Here in Cresthaven, heroism is a tapestry woven from deeds, not labels. A hero might possess a ruthless streak or a thirst for glory, but they’ll never stoop to preying on the innocent. Their path may be unconventional, their choices sometimes questionable, but their actions ultimately tip the scales towards a better world.
  • Encounter Design: Why Challenge Ratings Don’t Tell the Whole Story (and Why Your Players Will Thank You)
    Ditch the CR obsession! Encounter design is about surprise, challenge, and player agency. Don’t be afraid of TPKs – they can teach valuable lessons. Craft a world with tough choices, meaningful stakes, and the freedom to choose combat, negotiation, or cunning to overcome obstacles.
  • Rules Updates and Clarifications
    Added to the Combat and Playing the Game sections, these optional rules include using obstacles for cover, light conditions affecting gameplay, and detailed terrain interactions, all aimed at enriching combat with strategic environmental consideration.
  • 101 Character Rewards for a Fulfilling Experience
    Spice up your campaign with 101 rewards! This list goes beyond treasure to offer unique boons that fit your world and characters. From invitations to royal courts to rare pets, inspire your players and craft unforgettable adventures. Share your own ideas in the comments!
  • Reputation
    Reputation adds a layer of consequence, shaping how monsters and NPCs react to your party. Heroic deeds build trust, while villainy sows suspicion, influencing encounters and opening doors (or slamming them shut).
  • Print Edition Update
    We’re pulling back the curtain and offering a sneak peek at an early chapter from the upcoming print edition of the Cresthaven RPG!
  • Downtime
    Characters must manage ongoing costs for their lifestyle and followers, deducted from wealth between adventures.
  • Stronghold
    Strongholds provide adventurers with a safe haven, strategic advantage, and income generation, but require careful management of size, location, and features that affect upkeep costs. Resource management through production and trade generates income to maintain strongholds, which also face random events during downtime. The GM adjusts rules for campaign specificity, encouraging creative stronghold development.
  • Crafting
    Crafting allows characters to create non-magical and, at higher levels, magical items. This section details the process for crafting both mundane and magical objects, as well as the costs associated with hiring an artisan to craft them for you.
  • New Magic Weapons
    Sharpen your blades and polish your spellbooks, because we’re thrilled to unveil a treasure trove of brand new magical weapons ready to unleash chaos (or righteous fury) in your campaigns!
  • Why Aren’t There Evil Monster Ancestries in CresthavenRPG? (And Why You Might Allow Them Anyway)
    In crafting CresthavenRPG, I filled its world with a diverse array of inhabitants, including humans, elves, dwarves, and other fantastical races. However, one noticeable absence was the lack of monstrous options like goblins, orcs, or demons. This led me to ponder: why weren’t evil monster ancestries a fundamental aspect of CresthavenRPG? From the outset, I… Read more: Why Aren’t There Evil Monster Ancestries in CresthavenRPG? (And Why You Might Allow Them Anyway)
  • Help Us Craft the Perfect Print Edition!
    Dear Cresthaven RPG Adventurers, We at Cresthaven RPG are thrilled to announce our plans to embark on a new quest: the creation of a physical Cresthaven RPG rulebook! To ensure this tome becomes an invaluable companion on your tabletop journeys, we’re seeking your esteemed input. Your Feedback is Critical We’ve crafted a brief survey to… Read more: Help Us Craft the Perfect Print Edition!
  • Forget the Character Backstory, Forge Your Legend Together
    Ah, the allure of the backstory! We’ve all spent hours crafting intricate histories for our brave adventurers in the world of Cresthaven. But hold your dice, fellow dungeon delvers, because there’s a potent magic waiting to be unleashed: the shared story. Here’s the truth – the world is a perilous place. Orcs lurk in shadows,… Read more: Forget the Character Backstory, Forge Your Legend Together
  • From Dragons to Decisions: 5 Ways RPGs Shape Young Minds with Critical Thinking
    RPGs like CresthavenRPG can be potent tools for fostering critical thinking and agency in children, offering them a unique sandbox to experiment, grow, and learn valuable life skills. Here’s how: 1. Decision-Making and Problem-Solving: 2. Critical Thinking and Risk Assessment: 3. Collaboration and Communication: 4. Agency and Confidence: Remember, the benefits of RPGs extend beyond… Read more: From Dragons to Decisions: 5 Ways RPGs Shape Young Minds with Critical Thinking
  • Maps! Geomorphic Maps
    Geomorphic maps, or “geomorphs” for short, are a type of modular mapmaking system used in role-playing games (RPGs). They consist of individual map sections, often squares or hexagons, that can be connected in various ways to create larger, unique locations. Here’s what makes geomorphs special: Download the PDF with the front and back. Print it… Read more: Maps! Geomorphic Maps
  • The Dead Patrol
    Under the ghostly glow of the moon, the ancient battlefield stirs. From the scorched earth, a group of animated skeletons rises, clanking in rusted armor. These mindless guardians, remnants of a long-forgotten war, form a grim formation, ready to attack any intruder. The air is thick with the magic that binds them to this world.… Read more: The Dead Patrol
  • Thanksgiving Turmoil: The ROC Hunt
    As you step into the dense, whispering woods of Darkwood Forest, the air is filled with the crisp scent of pine and a distant, unusual gobbling sound. Lord Bakkas’ words echo in your minds, ‘Bring back the turkeys for our feast.’ But as you delve deeper, the ‘gobbles’ grow louder, resonating like thunder through the… Read more: Thanksgiving Turmoil: The ROC Hunt
  • Oozing Dungeon Peril: A Gelatinous Cube Encounter
    As you make your way through the dimly lit stone corridors, the air becomes heavy with a foul, garbage-like smell. The hallway ahead is filled with debris – broken furniture, old weapons, and piles of unidentified remains. DM Information A gelatinous cube lurks in the hallway, hidden within the garbage. It will wait motionless until… Read more: Oozing Dungeon Peril: A Gelatinous Cube Encounter
  • Hostage at Owlbear Ridge
    Hostage at Owlbear Ridge, is an encounter for 2 level 4 adventurers who have been dispatched on a critical mission to negotiate the release of a hostage held by kobolds and their owl bear ally. The situation is complicated by the presence of a Kobold shaman, who has used his skills to create an illusionary… Read more: Hostage at Owlbear Ridge
  • Moonlit Glade
    “Moonlit Glade” is designed for 2-4 level 3 players, trapped in an ever-shrinking glade, players must solve a complex puzzle to appease forest spirits and escape before being crushed by the encroaching trees. As twilight falls, you enter a serene glade bathed in moonlight. Suddenly, the trees begin to close in, their branches creaking ominously. A… Read more: Moonlit Glade
  • Caravan in the Crosshairs
    “Caravan in the Crosshairs” is an encounter designed for a party of four level 5 characters. It presents a dynamic challenge combining aerial threats, environmental dangers, and tactical combat. As the snow blankets the rugged mountain pass, your caravan halts abruptly. The sharp cry of griffons pierces the cold air. Bandits, astride majestic yet fierce… Read more: Caravan in the Crosshairs
  • Encounter: Jungle Whispers
    “Jungle Whispers” is an encounter designed for four characters of level 2. It presents a challenging mix of combat, environmental hazards, and potential for role-playing, suitable for a party ready to tackle their first foray into the depths of a treacherous and rain-soaked jungle. Read to players: As the ceaseless rain of the jungle intensifies,… Read more: Encounter: Jungle Whispers
  • Character Party Bonds
    Bonds are the secret sauce that binds a group of adventurers together, transforming them from a random assortment of individuals into a unified party with shared goals, intertwined destinies, and collective stories. In the tumultuous world of Cresthaven, these connections are the beams of light that pierce the heavy shadows, providing guidance, comfort, and strength… Read more: Character Party Bonds
  • A Guide for Young Adventurers!
    Welcome, Young Adventurers! In this special section, we’ve got something awesome just for our special Young Adventurers. Imagine you’re stepping into a magical world, one where you become a legendary hero, explore mysterious places, and face all sorts of amazing challenges. Well, you’re in luck because that’s exactly what Cresthaven RPG is all about! In… Read more: A Guide for Young Adventurers!
  • Updates to Movement Rules and Introduction of the “Exhausted” Condition
    Greetings, brave adventurers of Cresthaven! Today, we bring you exciting news about some recent developments in our ever-evolving role-playing game. We’ve listened to your feedback and worked diligently to improve the gameplay experience, making Cresthaven RPG even more immersive and engaging. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the changes to our movement rules and… Read more: Updates to Movement Rules and Introduction of the “Exhausted” Condition
  • A Comprehensive Role-Playing Game Encounter Guide
    Welcome to the enigmatic world of Cresthaven, where a mere spark of magic and the clash of steel is merely the beginning. In this realm, encounters with monstrous beings don’t always escalate to combat; indeed, our RPG Encounter Design is crafted to offer a tapestry of outcomes, inviting players to a realm where choices abound… Read more: A Comprehensive Role-Playing Game Encounter Guide
  • Beyond the Battlefield: The Essential Guide to Cresthaven RPG Social Interaction
    In Cresthaven RPG, your words pack as much punch as your weapons and magic. It’s high time you dig deep into the rich world of social interaction! Together let’s dig into the immense potential of Charisma, and dive into the vital social actions that can majorly transform your game. We’re talking real, practical examples to guide you whether you’re facing fickle monsters or engaging with non-player characters. Your journey of mastering the power of words starts now!
  • Designing Interesting Encounters
    What if combat could be more? What if it could be a thrilling narrative experience that leaves players engaged and eager for the next challenge?
  • Making Sure Everyone Gets a Turn: How to Be Heard in Your Game
    Online gaming is a blast, but what happens when one player struggles to be heard over the chatter? In this post, we share practical tips to ensure everyone at your virtual gaming table has a chance to speak up and enjoy the fun. Let’s make your gaming sessions more equitable and enjoyable for all!
  • Meet Cresthaven’s Magical Assistant: The Sage Chatbot!
    Introducing Cresthaven’s Chatbot, the digital sage for all your gaming queries! Represented by a whimsical wizard icon, this handy assistant is here to decode rules, demystify characters, and detail equipment. Click the wizard on your screen’s lower right, and let our chatbot guide your Cresthaven journey. Dive deeper, play smarter, and keep adventuring effortlessly!
  • Cresthaven RPG: A Free Alternative to Dungeons and Dragons
    Welcome to Cresthaven RPG – a free, immersive alternative to Dungeons and Dragons. Whether you’re a seasoned D&D player or a curious newcomer, Cresthaven offers an engaging world of thrilling narratives, detailed character development, and pulse-racing battles. Unleash your creativity and make your mark in the ever-expanding universe of Cresthaven.
  • Giant Spiders of Cresthaven
    Deep within the dark caverns of outside the Village of Cresthaven, brave adventurers awaken entangled in the sticky embrace of giant spiderwebs. With time running out and the threat of monstrous arachnids looming, they must navigate the pitch-black labyrinth, battling for their very survival.
  • King’s Fell
    King’s Fell, the colossal gothic airship, loomed above, an enigmatic presence in the sky. Its ancient hull, a mix of ruin and fortress, held the secrets of a forgotten era. The eerie glow of arcane energy emanated from ornate spires, casting long shadows across the land. A kingdom in the sky, ruled by the enigmatic “King of the Sky”, inspiring awe and fear in equal measure.
  • Cresthaven RPG vs. Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition: Key Differences
    Explore the differences between Cresthaven RPG and Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition, and discover the benefits of each game for your next tabletop adventure.
  • Why Cresthaven RPG is the Best Alternative to Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder
    Discover why Cresthaven RPG is becoming a popular alternative to traditional tabletop RPGs like Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder, and why it’s free and open-source nature is attracting players tired of being held hostage by Wizards of the Coast’s anti-consumer practices.
  • Why we chose the Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License for our fantasy RPG
    Learn why we chose to use the Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License over the Open Game License from Wizards of the Coast for our fantasy RPG, and how it benefits our community of players and creators.
  • Wolfin
    Wolfin are a hybrid species resulting from pre-apocalyptic genetics experiments sponsored by the state. They possess both wolf and human characteristics, standing upright like humans but covered in fur with elongated snouts and sharp teeth. Their hands and feet are clawed, and they boast heightened senses of smell, hearing, and vision. Additionally, they exhibit remarkable… Read more: Wolfin
  • Psionics
    Harnessing the power of the mind, psionics allow characters to explore incredible abilities beyond the physical realm. Whether projecting their consciousness or manipulating the environment, psionics offer a thrilling and dynamic addition to any fantasy role-playing game. Unlock your character’s true potential and delve into a world of limitless possibility with the power of psionics.
  • Paladin
    The Paladin class is a combination of a fighter and a cleric. They are champions of good, imbued with divine power to smite evil and heal their allies with the power of lay on hands. Paladins also possess the ability to detect evil, resist disease and poison with divine health, and radiate a powerful aura of goodness. They are fearsome warriors on the battlefield, and their unwavering devotion to justice and righteousness make them invaluable allies in the fight against evil.
  • How to Introduce Tabletop RPGs to Your Kids: Cresthaven RPG in the Classroom
    Tabletop RPGs are a fun way to teach storytelling and math skills to kids. Cresthaven RPG is an easy and free alternative to games like Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder.
  • Hangman’s Nobb
    Hangman’s Nobb in Cresthaven is a place of public executions, with a tall wooden platform standing at the center.
  • Burlhammer Forge
    Kired Burlhammer is a master gnome blacksmith who runs a shop specializing in armory, weapons, and all manner of metal creations and repairs.
  • Green Company – Livestock Auction House
    The main auction area is a large, open space that is partially covered by a tattered roof, where buyers and sellers gather to exchange goods and barter for livestock.
  • Manor Bakkus
    Lord Bakkus IV is the ruler of Cresthaven, a shrewd and pragmatic nobleman who has held power in the village for many years.
  • Mitchell and Son
    The general supply house is a one-stop-shop for all manner of goods and equipment that one might need to survive and thrive in the post-apocalyptic world. The store is run by a shrewd and resourceful merchant named Mitchell and his son.
  • Pirate’s Dice
    Not much to do at sea, why not try this easy dice game during your downtime at your table.
  • The Santa Situation
    In the spirit of the holidays I am giving away an older adventure The Santa Situation.
  • Catfolk
    Catfolk are a humanoid creature, known for their agility and cunning nature. They are often found in mystical forests and hidden cities, where their feline attributes allow them to move with ease through the trees and shadows. Their fur ranges from sleek and shiny to thick and shaggy, with an array of colors and patterns… Read more: Catfolk
  • Religion in SimpleDnd
    Religious options for your Fantasy RPG The gods and goddesses of fantasy worlds breathe life into their landscapes, shaping cultures, fueling conflicts, and whispering mysteries in the ears of adventurers. The original edition in the 1970s contained 17 pantheons of gods. But with so many options out there, where do you, the intrepid Dungeon Master, even begin?… Read more: Religion in SimpleDnd
  • D&D 5e Party Tracking Sheet
    A D&D 5e Party Tracking Sheet is a valuable tool for Dungeon Masters. It simplifies managing player stats, inventory, and quest progress. With this sheet, DMs can focus on storytelling while effortlessly keeping tabs on their adventurers’ journey. It’s an essential aid for a smooth and immersive Dungeons & Dragons experience.
  • Gnome
    From a young age Gnomes learn to rely on their tinkering skills to make their way in the world. Many forgo walking or using their bodies all together. By the time they reach adulthood many are physically unable to do even the simplest tasks. This is not to say they are disabled, but rather they… Read more: Gnome
  • The Slaughtered Lamb Public House
    The Lamb, a shady bar in Cresthaven, is a hotbed of illicit activity. It’s located at the end of Main Street, on the western edge of town. The building itself is a shabby one-room structure, with a bar running along the far wall. Large casks filled with the town’s alcohol supply are stacked against the… Read more: The Slaughtered Lamb Public House
  • Town Square
    At the intersection of three major streets, High Street, Market Street and Main Street, lies the heart of Cresthaven – the Town Square. The first thing that hits you is the smell of delicious food, hot pies, and freshly baked pretzels. The cobblestone open space is a bustling hub of activity, with street performers, pickpockets… Read more: Town Square
  • Adventurer’s Guild
    The Adventurer’s Guild is a place of wonder and opportunity for those brave enough to seek it out. Located at the end of Main Street in the Village of Cresthaven, the small, run-down building with a sign above the door may seem unremarkable to some, but for those in the know, it is the gateway… Read more: Adventurer’s Guild
  • New Spell Sheets
    To go with the new V5 Character sheet. Click for the PDF.
  • New Character Sheet
    Just messing around with a new layout for the character sheet. Click the image to download the PDF for printing! Go play the free Learn as You Play Goblin Raiders with a friend to learn the Easiest version the classic Fantasy RPG ever!
  • Druid Update
    It’s come to my attention that the Druid class was incomplete. I’ve made the following changes: Druids gain a language: Sylvan, the language of woodland creatures. /creating-characters/classes/druid/ Druid Spell changes: Druid’s mana is their level plus their Wisdom bonus (include ability focus). Druids draw their power from the very fabric of life itself. Druids call this… Read more: Druid Update
  • Higher Level Classes?
    As our characters have advanced in levels they have all become more powerful (through magic items, spells and riches), but I feel that more could be done. I propose at 7th level characters can choose to “multi-class” and change their character class to one of the following: Knight (Cavalier / Grifter) Paladin (Cavalier / Cleric)… Read more: Higher Level Classes?
  • Bestiary: Lost Mine of Phandelver
    Lost Mine of Phandelver is an introductory adventure written for the D&D 5th Edition Starter Set. This is a list of monster stats for playing the starter adventure using the Cresthaven RPG ruleset. More than five hundred years ago, clans of dwarves and gnomes made an agreement known as the Phandelver’s Pact, by which they… Read more: Bestiary: Lost Mine of Phandelver
  • Bestiary: The Isle of Dread
    The harrowing ocean voyage was exhausting enough. Now you are faced with a dark island that could well be filled with cannibals! A tattered, old ship’s log is your only clue to the riches that may lie beyond the isle’s quiet shores. Here are all the Cresthaven RPG Monster’s you’ll need to run the classic adventure.
  • 34 New Monsters Added
    I’ve published a big backlog of monsters. Here’s the list of new ones. For a complete list check out: /monsters/monster-list/ Name AC HD Appearing XP Ankylosaurus 18 8 1d8 1,260 XP per monster Aranea 13 3 1d6 360 XP per monster Baboon, Wild 13 10d4 20,160 XP per monster Boar 13 3 1d12 600 XP… Read more: 34 New Monsters Added
  • Monsters and Spells Update
    I’ve taken down the PDFs as they are very outdated. The website is way newer and should be used until a new PDF can be put together. I’ve published new layouts for monsters and spells. Hopefully it makes then easier to use. A few new monsters and higher level magic spells are finally up. Check… Read more: Monsters and Spells Update
  • 2019 Recap
    First off – thank you to all of the new players of Cresthaven RPG! Lots of new people coming from all over the internet. Here is this year’s recap: 1. New Rules 2019 Saw the addition and solidification of Encumbrance, Movement, and Time. This is to enhance the exploration and non-combat parts of the game.… Read more: 2019 Recap
  • Technology as Magic
    I’ve been brainstorming some ideas for new magic items and I’m really loving the idea that tech is magic. Not today’s technology, but maybe technology that is 10-50 years into the future. Obviously this brings the whole setting into question (what happened that everything is wilderness now? where did these’s other species come from?) Things… Read more: Technology as Magic
  • Time Tracking Worksheet
    In Cresthaven RPG, we have a special way to keep track of time in the game. It’s called the Time Tracking Worksheet. It helps us know how much time has passed in the game. Each box on the worksheet represents one turn, and it has all the rounds and notes in it. Each row on… Read more: Time Tracking Worksheet
  • Goblin Raiders
    Adventure for Cresthaven RPG Map by Daniel F. Walthall @Axebane Introduction This adventure is designed to teach dungeon exploration to a new group of players. While the story is cliche, it is a good starting point to introduce low level monsters and situations and really the adventure starts at the cellar doors.  This adventure is… Read more: Goblin Raiders
  • Dungeon Journal Pages
    Design or Journal your dungeons with this handy worksheet! Dungeon Journal PDF Download  
  • Heroic Points and Healing Surges
    Just a thought – use Heroic points for Healing Surges. To use: Spend the Heroic point and roll your hit dice and heal that amount. Hit Dice: Your level is the amount of dice to roll, your class hit dice is the dice you use. Thoughts? Ideas?
  • Feats Option
    So the other option for customizing your character could be the addition of feats as the character advances. This would add some fun bonuses and custom ways to play their characters.  You get one feat at 2nd level and extra feat at 5th level and another 10th level. This list is a very limited one… Read more: Feats Option
  • Death Certificate
    Crawling Dungeon created a rather amusing Character Death Certificate that you can print, fill out, and give to your players as something to remember their fallen heroes by. I think it’s brilliant, and may start doing just that.
  • Learning Dungeon
    So I had the pleasure of teaching D&D to my kids class again. I wanted to teach traps, encounters, puzzles and overall how to explore the dungeon. Map by Daniel F. Walthall @Axebane Please check it out and let me know what you think! Read It Here!
  • Half Page Character Sheet
    Just a little something for kicking around. Two sheets, one page. Click Me to Download Now